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Start menu returns in Windows 10

Microsoft officially unveiled its latest operating system (Windows 10) at an event in San Francisco. The company made a number of surprising announcements including the return of the “Start” menu and a release date in 2015. You guessed it, Windows 10.

Windows 10 is the company’s long awaited follow-up to Windows 8. For some reason, the company skipped windows 9 and headed straight for 10. They deemed Windows 8 a failure due to windows users and their sales reports.

Microsoft’s new OS will still feature touchscreen and tile integration. It brings back a customizable form of the “Start” menu. The “Start” was always the primary navigational interface staple of Microsoft operating systems for years until Windows 8 didn’t have it.

Windows 10 will run on “a variety of devices” according to Mashable. These devices also includes Microsoft’s mobile platform. Users will be able to switch between touchscreen and traditional mouse and keyboard interaction in what the company is calling its “greatest enterprise platform ever.”

The new OS will also feature a multiple desktop task view system and a new feature called “Snap Assist”. “Snap Assist will allow users easy access to applications across multiple desktops.

The full version of Windows 10 will be available in early 2015.