Mobile threat to office security

Astounding growth in mobile uptake is resulting in major security concerns for small, medium and large companies. Staffers increasingly access office networks with their insecure mobile devices giving the world access to critical corporate data.

These mobile devices are unsecured as any person can install games, apps and other software at will. Controlling network security on internal company networks is challenging for many businesses and as mobile use on office networks expand, so increases corporate risk and exposure.

Cloud services are specially vulnerable from data theft and information corruption as there exists a single point of failure which is accessed by an increasing amount of untrusted mobile devices.

To decrease corporate risks staff could be offered additional information and assistance:
Normal user security measures such as installing remote data wipe software, in case of loss or theft. Increase user awareness of social engineering. Increase user awareness of strong passwords, combine letters numbers and characters of minimum 8 characters long.

On server side there is software that tracks user behaviour and identifies user access and data requests that exceed normal usage and automagically imposes user access restrictions. There are various network traffic monitoring software but in todays modern and changing media intensive large data networks there are few present solutions that offers users easy access as well as corporate data security. The rule of increased security resulting in increased difficulty of access still holds. As security increases so useability declines. (Same as when you install burglar bars, security doors and fences at your home. The more security you have the more hoops you have to jump through to get in and out of your property)

There is new technology in development that would offer increased corporate data security without degrading user experience. This software uses inline image offset encryption where data cannot be directly saved on the mobile device, but it may be displayed so that the user may view such data. The technology to extract data for use from such a system is still being designed, but it is an interesting concept.