4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th Industrial revolution is the Internet.

If you understand that, then you know that the fourth industrial revolution started in the late 1960s.

And, if you understand that, then you know that the fourth industrial revolution reached it’s heights around 2008.

From 2009 onwards, the disruption started on a downwards spiral as disruption itself, measured on a year to year basis, declined with each passing year.

Understanding Major Digital Disruption

In case you have missed it: The 4th Industrial revolution is almost over.

The NY Times reported that three tech startups lost  over 13 Billion US Dollars this year only.  The NY Times are of the opinion that an American resssession would see hundreds of startups shuttered (including the three, Uber, WeWork and DoorDash).

It is a fact that Twitter (2006) made it’s first “accounting” profit of 91m USD, in 2017 and that it is expected to lose millions of users up to 2019.  So, it is true that all Internet companies are not always profitable and that many Internet startups may not even survive economically. If Twitter were a bricks and mortar based business, it would have been closed and shuttered already over ten years ago and it would have saved “investors” Billion USD, which Billion USD could have been invested in providing actual ROI and employed many more people and more sustainably. As it stands Twitter will increase advertising revenues and after cutting costs and employing mature technology,  I predict that Twitter will become a viable business. But, it will never be a “unicorn” as it has cost Billions of dollars in investment and decades of business development. In fact, as far as sustainable business goes, I think Twitter is a leading example of technology and greed.

The HYPE, the GREED, the MISINFORMATION and the fundemental lack of understanding base technologies contribute to the smoke and mirrors of “the 4th Industrial Revolution”

The media cottoned onto the idea of the 4th Industrial revolution and now “new” terminology is providing more hype. The cycle is desperately trying to repeat itself. IoT and AI are the new buzz words, along with new communication technological innovations like 5G. (Side Note: Trouble is that 5G makes Wi-FI (Wireless Networking) super fast, but it also uses resources which some nationstate governments are actively using… Interesting, as in car accident interesting, to watch this tech develop…)

When the mobile revolution happened, the innovators and disruptors of the Internet simply dominated the mobile space. After the mobile revolution, the communication evolution.  (We went small, then we went fast, now we are going fast with no wires, fast with no cables)

There is already an App for that. Everything that powers and that has powered the 4th Industrial revolution has already been thought of, made in some form and has already been there and done that…

As far as the 4th Industrial revolution goes, it was great, it was so short and it was fun.

The next revolution (the 5th Industrial revolution) is already brewing and has already been invented. Like the Internet, it will take a decade or three to become mainstream. Like the Internet, very few people can actually see the revolution coming. Like the Internet there will be dominant multinational players. Like the Internet, it will not be whom you expect it to be.

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