Sweat Shops

History teaches us that during the Industrial revolution workers were treated very poorly.  As the 4th Industrial Revolution becomes mainstream (and crawls further into it’s decline), history is repeating itself.

In a recent news article, the 4th Industrial revolution sweat shops are featured. Where workers work for pennies per hour, just to be happy to have employment.

The more advanced humans become, the more we stay the same.

The rich are still exploiting the poor. There is still legal slavery, in fact the short term (10 years or less) employment opportunities the decline of the 4th Industrial revolution presents is seen as something that could provide sustainable economic growth. 

The past / history of the 4th Industrial revolution to date:

  • Invented in the late 1960’s
  • Consumer adoption in the 1980’s
  • Business adoption in the 1990’s
  • Application & New Technology in the 2000’s
  • Small, Fast and Mainstream in the 2010’s


The opportunities of the 1st Industrial revolution still persists during the 2nd Industrial revolution.

The opportunities of the 1st and 2nd Industrial revolution still persists during the 3rd Industrial revolution

The opportunities of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Industrial revolution persists during the 4th Industrial revolution

For example: We are still using the wheel in self driving electric cars.

The problem is that many people do not understand the 4th Industrial revolution. In fact, I would venture further and say that in the land of the blind someone with one eye is king. The blind leading the blind does not assist chicken little much and that hindsight is perfect and as obvious as the nose on your face, even when the sky falls and we are all forced to wear little blue caps.

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