How IT can improve your quality of life

You can improve your quality of life, health and longer term prospects of sanity by simply turning off all your notifications. Less stress, less panic, less outrage, less despair and other negative emotions. Increased productivity, Better health and Improved general quality of life.

Just turn it off. (Somehow though, even if you turn it off, some of it still comes through. That is very worrisome in itself.)

Information Technology has become an oxymoron.

Many people, including the writer, no longer receives “news alerts” ( or emails from Twitter, whenever someone goes to the toilet or likes a cat meme ) a New York Times reporter did the same thing for a few months and found that news from print publications were accurate and produced far less stress than online versions. Online everyone tries to be first and everyone tries to find a linkbait, sensational or other angle – the result for the recipient of this type of news is stress, misinformation, increased ignorance and the formation of baseless or weak opinions.

The New York Times reporter writes in the same editorial: “That sounds obvious until you try it — and you realize how much of what you get online isn’t quite news, and more like a never-ending stream of commentary, one that does more to distort your understanding of the world than illuminate it.”

The same editorial ends with a strong recommendation for everyone to stop getting their news from Twitter And Facebook.