Have you noticed how some companies think that they are simply too big to care?

Some companies call “communication” the one way rubbish they “Blast” out from noreply@ and text messages from long non existent numbers.

So, not communicating but attacking some randomly submitted email address and/or phone number.

But, that is not where the evil and incompetence ends…

Some of these “communicators” also “share” their email and mobile phone number database, with their “partners”.  I am confident that I am able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt (yes, not on a balance of probability) that some companies and data sources also ends up in “legal” and “illegal” for sale databases.

On a related note, I received this gem, to my email address:

Subject: Online Check-in is Open
Received: from ([]:43838); Thu, 29 Aug 2019 12:32:42 +0000

Upon checking the information in the “communication” it turns out to be legit. Someone seems to have supplied my email address (and my information?) to FlySafair.

FlySafair does not bother checking that data supplied is accurate, they simply blast it out and on a one way basis.

Well done FlySafair! If there was not already so much incompetence, evil and other rubbish going on in South Africa your behavior (and default protocols) may provoke enough resistance to force you to be a better netizen as well as a better company. As it is, South Africa is a third world country so as long as you do not try this behavior in a 1st world country, you should be just fine.

BTW, I tried reporting your abuse, but it goes to Well Done!

More abour @noreply and spam

Afaik, Google was the disruptor that innovated noreply@ – simply because it is cheap to blast out one way “communication”, of course these days many people are doing it, it is a cheap, low cost method to “communicate” one way.

Google was also one of the very first successful spammers. By sending “limited and exclusive” Five (5) only, address invitations to harvested email addresses, gmail grew into a substantial and planet dominating service.

Facebook, Twitter and others also learnt the power of email marketing and sending your products emails. The emails reminds them to check their feeds and to tell them that others are “talking about them” has been amazingly effective in exploiting human nature. Email tech has contributed to build planet dominating technologies.

Some communication platforms, like whatsapp for example, are also hoping to eventually get rid of email, so that “they” can run “communication” the way that they choose to. In a future world, when something is considered “old” deprecated” and no longer in use, the large tech companies can control the game and control the platforms, control it all….

Fortunately, email is a tough and resilient technology and society in general is catching up to how important it is that certain technologies are never replaced or dominated by two or three players (I hope 🙂 )