Huawei reveals new Open Source Operating system: Harmony

Huawei has revealed that they will release their own open source operating system called HARMONY.

This means that the source code of Harmony will be available to anyone (no secrets) and anyone will be able to add, edit or change the operating system code.

According to Huawei, they have also implimented distributed architecture and distributed virtual bus technology in their operating system which will allow for seamless integration accross devices. They have also installed authentication in the trusted execution space which they claim will enhance security of the operating system.

Huawei invited all developers to work with them to develop their new ecosystem.

From the Huawei website: At the Huawei Developer Conference today, Huawei launched HarmonyOS – a new microkernel-based, distributed operating system designed to deliver a cohesive user experience across all devices and scenarios. Continue reading on the Huawei website….