Microsoft to buy GitHub

Bloomberg reported that Microsoft has concluded a deal to purchase GitHub. GitHub is an open source code repository website and system and is valued at several billion dollars, even though GitHub is not yet profitable and has no CEO.

Tom Preston-Werner, the former CEO and one of the co-founders resigned in 2014 after a female coder claimed that the corporate culture at GitHub was one of disrespect and intimidation towards women.

During 2017 Chris Wanstrath resigned as CEO after a failed three year search to find a replacement CEO for Tom Preston-Werner.

GitHub has raised around us$350 million in venture capital (Last raised was us$250 from Sequoia during 2015 and at a us$2 Billion valuation). GitHub hosts 80 million repositories of code and has around 27 million software developers contributing to the open source code and projects. Statistically about one in five coders are female and 80 percent of all programmers are male.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft spokesman Frank Shaw declined to comment on the GitHub deal but Bloomberg expects a formal announcement sometime today.

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