Billions of South African Rands exported every year

More security issues from Intel (Over and above Spectre and Meltdown). Regarding ME (Management Engines) the Intel CPU manufacturer said a few days ago:

Intel has identified security vulnerabilities that could potentially impact certain PCs, servers, and IoT platforms

The above may be lost in all the noise, hype and media attention of Spectre and Meltdown.

Intel has published this security notice on their website  If you have not yet suffered any loss due to manufacturer issues, please act on this notice.

The Free Software Foundation published an article about Intel and AMD CPU’s secretive management control software on 10 January 2018

Also read these articles about AMD and Intel CPU’s and their secret operating systems that can establish secret network connections and that could have and do have secret security issues (published in 2017)

End of “News” – Start of “Opinion” :

South African Government and South African companies and citizens export Billions of South African Rands each year to the United States of America in payment for Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Intellectual property and even for advertising (when you click on a Facebook or Google advert to find a plumber or window cleaner in your suburb)

The American President says Africa is a shithole. (Washington Post, New York Times )

Yet, the shithole and citizens of the various shitholes, buy Intel CPU’s from the USA and then they suffer financial losses (as in their expensive American product) is lost due to the America manufacturer building in secretive spy software – which has security issues.

Personally the writer has lost many thousands of Rands as a direct result of poor American products.

maybe President Trump is correct? Maybe South Africa is a shithole? My own Government has a “Consumer Protection” budget – Yet my own South African Government does nothing (that I know of) to protect it’s own citizens from American Exploitation?

Countries exploiting the poor people of a “shithole” for financial gain are such cool and great people. This is how you succeed in life, Americans killed the “natives”, imported human slaves from the African shitholes. Broke up families, tribes and stole people.

The United States of America has a rich history of exploitation, stealing humans, domination, control and getting rich of the backs of other peoples.