Social Media Harmful to Children

“A growing body of research demonstrates that excessive use of digital devices and social media is harmful to children and teens, making it very likely this new app will undermine children’s healthy development.” says an open letter to the Social media giant, Facebook.

Headlines in the Washington Post shouted: “Teenage depression and suicide are way up — and so is smartphone use

Published scientific research finds: Lower psychological well-being  for children who spent more time on electronic communication and screens

Society is constantly being made aware that too much social media is bad for our children but, society itself is also addicted to social media.

According to an article in the New York Times, Apple investors are calling for a less addictive Apple smartphone

Social media multinationals are now actively targeting children aged 6. Probably, the younger children can become active users, the more likely they are to remain with the social network that they have become addicted to.

In 2012 already, the Guardian wrote about clinical studies and published research from two US Universities. The headline was Twitter is harder to resist than cigarettes and alcohol, study finds

Since 2012 it is commonly known that social media applications (and websites) have become even more advanced, more addictive and better at engaging their users. In fact after the recent US election results many social media sites adjusted the way that their users engage with reality, as the US presidential election was affected by social media.

Are you addicted to social media? Are you addicted to your smartphone or device and how is this addiction affecting you? Do you support the targeting of children aged 6? IF not, at which age is it okay to become addicted to social media?