Mark Cuban purchases Democracy.com

According to the New York Times, Mark Cuban purchased Democracy.com - The NYT reported that Mark Cuban purchased the domain name: “to make sure someone didn’t do something crazy with…

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ZA Domain Space Crisis

Do you even know who owns your co.za domain name? Can you verify it independently? (Answer: No) Can you check your own domain name at the central registry yourself? (Answer:…

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Have you noticed how some companies think that they are simply too big to care? Some companies call "communication" the one way rubbish they "Blast" out from noreply@ and text…

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Sweat Shops

History teaches us that during the Industrial revolution workers were treated very poorly.  As the 4th Industrial Revolution becomes mainstream (and crawls further into it's decline), history is repeating itself.…

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4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th Industrial revolution is the Internet. If you understand that, then you know that the fourth industrial revolution started in the late 1960s. And, if you understand that, then…

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Should I buy an SSD or HDD

I recently heard a very cool IT joke. It goes like this: Question: What is the difference between a used car salesperson and a computer/IT sales person? Answer: The used…

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Understanding Major Digital Disruption

Understanding major digital disruption and managing the changes caused by digital transformation starts by "following the money". This guide is a series of posts to assist businesses to understand and…

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Does your cybertools control you or do you control your cybertools? It is an interesting question and you will probably be surprised at the answer. The answer is that the…

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