Is your domain name protected against email spoofing?

Over 90% of South African Companies do not have adequate anti cybercrime protection for their domain names.

a Quick dig @1000 random company domain names result in over 90% (912) providing limited or no anti fraud, anti spoofing and anti cybercrime protection!

So few South African companies are protecting their domains against email spoofing, and it is so easy to do!

SPF is an entry in your domain name DNS which tells email servers which email servers may send email for your domain name.

All that your service provider has to do is to add a TXT entry in your DNS Zone file which contains all the IP numbers that may send email as your domain name.

For example

@ IN TXT “v=spf1 +a +mx  -all”

This very simple DNS entry can help to save you from the embarassment of your clients and/or suppliers receiving emails from your domain name . Or receiving “New” Banking details from “You” etc.

Many company domain DNS has settings for SPF with an “~all”

The little “~” MEANS: that “these servers may send for our domain name AND anyone else…

Hosting companies providing secure business email and website hosting and an array of DNSSEC, Registrar Domain Lock and many other security options has “-” and does not set “~” by default.

read more about SPF, here