Does your cybertools control you or do you control your cybertools?

It is an interesting question and you will probably be surprised at the answer. The answer is that the average person is being controlled by their cybertools.

The impact of social influence is completely underestimated, both by the average person as well as in current science.

Scientists and researchers are only now starting to learn that the extent of social media control far exceeds what previous research established.

In a recent study published by Dr Roseanna Sommers and DR Vanessa K. Bohns they found that the average person, even after being informed that they may say “No” will still say “YES” due to social control. They also found that the average person thinks that the average person would say no, 86% of the time but that when actually asked, the same average person says “Yes” 97% of the time.

So, you may think that you will do something but in fact, you will probably not.

Technology has improved our lives but at the expense of our data. We are not private. We do not own our data.

Nation state governments have developed cybertools suited to warfare. Cyber criminals have developed cybertools suited to crime. In the EU, the GDPR leaded global societies in new legislation that positively impacts and mitigates damage to society, yet, there is still a very long way to go.

People need protection against themselves. Society needs protection from itself. The abuse of and in social networks is now common cause and even though people are informed of the damage caused to the very fabric of society, people still say “YES”.

It is a very difficult situation and as we are already in the position we are in to mitigate from this weakness is challenging. The answer is quite simply more and stricter legislation, global awareness and global co-operation.

We have to take away Grandma’s Facebook and whatsapp for the same reasons we would take away her crack cocaine.

If you are in control of your cybertools, then you have your own apps or website apps. If you are truly in control of your life, like I am, you probably also do not know where your mobile phone is right now (Yes, I do not know where my phone is, I think it is somewhere in the house and it may be switched on or off, I honestly do not know) I am typing this article on my notebook PC, just now I will switch off my PC and go and play outside, in the garden with my children.)

My cybertools, for example will continue to function, work and earn for me.

I am in control of my cybertools…

Author: CoZA Companies (Pty) Ltd.