You need legal advice to use Nvidia GeForce products

Nvidia changed, or ‘updated’ their licensing in 2018. The Nvidia software drivers and software is still closed source, proprietary and “secret” software. But there is now more…

If you decide to use Nvidia products you simply have to completely trust Nvidia and partners, with your device or system (and by implication all your passwords, data and anything that has the closed source Nvidia software installed on)

Even though you purchase Nvidia hardware, you may not use it as you please as Nvidia also controls how you use the hardware that you pay for.

When you pay for Nvidia products with this type of use license, you do not buy or own the hardware or the software, you are simply leasing it for a specific purpose or specific use as all use is subject to Nvidia licensing (which may also change at any time)

The new Nvidia license states : “No Datacenter Deployment. The SOFTWARE is not licensed for datacenter deployment…”

More about the license on the Nvidia UK website