Step by step guide to migrate from Kmail to Claws

Claws is a great replacement for Kmail, With the ever more buggy Kmail becoming less customisable and Kmail becoming increasingly slow, many Kmail users are looking for a viable replacement email client to use with their favorite Linux distribution.

Look no further: Claws is it!

Step by step and FAQ to migrate from Kmail:

1. Download and install or apt-get install or yast, rpm -i etc. Claws (Download Claw builds for OpenSuse, Ubuntu, Centos, Debian, Gentoo, Bsd and more (Yes, Even Microsoft Windows))

2. In Kmail find your maildir emails (possibly /home/.local/share/.local_email/ or .kde/share/apps/kmail/mail/ – Depending on version you may find that you already have mailbox format or Directories with individual emails (maildir)

3. Make a copy or backup of your maildir emails cp -r /maildiremails /tmp/

4. Download this very cool bash script for converting maildir to mailbox (This script will also work for migrating to Mozilla Thunderbird) Convert maildir to mailbox and copy to the same /tmp directory

5. chmod a+x (so you can execute it)

6. execute as follows: ./ name-of-first-maildir-folder

7. Rinse and repeat until all your maildirs are converted

8. You will see that Claws is immensely configurable already 🙂 From within Claws you can import mailbox format, one per time until all done…