Trusting your anti virus software

The top South African Anti Virus Software used in South Africa are (in no particular order) Norton, AVG, AVAST, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, McAfee and ESSET.

With the latest revelations that Kaspersky anti virus is 0wned by Russia and that the US NSA also has its own ‘assets’,  South Africans (and all Africans) are fairly much stuck.

Anti Virus software has access to all files on the system such software is installed on.

As we now know that no anti virus software can be trusted, and that we do not have any “South African” anti virus software (as Africa is digitally colonized) All South Africans do not have any other option but to trust in the benevolence of foreign powers or to stop using closed source anti virus software.

The other alternatives are for South Africans, South African Government and South African companies to start installing and using properly configured, professionally installed and hardened BSD and Linux operating systems.

The latest Linux offers all the same benefits and ease of use any user could reasonably expect.


Regarding mobile and ‘closed’ or ‘controlled’ platforms like Apple: This represents no benefit to Africans.The never ending ‘improvements’ and consistent upgrade cycles are neither good for the planet or good for anything other than extreme capitalism.

Google is only slightly better as portions of Android is ‘open source’ but Google is dominating in too many sectors and Google is increasingly diluting it’s brand feelgood because of it’s continuing dominance and monopolistic behavior. Google has become the evil that it once claimed it does not do.