Apple tightens the noose

The new Apple published App Store Guidelines includes 4.3 and more specifically 4.2.6:  “Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected”

This makes it much harder for small businesses, with no in house or contractor developers, to publish an application (small,easy,simple and cheap) related to that local business.

It also closes down companies that developed automated application generation systems.

The new Apple Rules could be laying the foundation for an “Apple” App generator or it could simply be an aggressive action to close down on all generated applications. It could also just be for some as yet unknown reason.

As is the case with all huge multinationals, Apple does not have to explain anything to anyone, as long as the threshold product base[1] does not care.

Read more about the new Apple App Guidelines

[1] Threshold product base: That percentage of the products (people, companies and intelligent devices) responding to, or interested in, a specific event. Where such an event may impact the brand.