Vodacom Sucks

Sadly, I have joined the chorus of those saying that Vodacom SUCKS! Having been a client for over a decade and spending over R150 000 per year with them, I am moving to greener pastures.

The best offerings are from MTN (Who offers uncapped bandwidth accounts) and Cell C who offers 99c per minute call costs to any network.

It seems that Telkom has a new Income stream, they are training all the Vodacom customer service technicians. Well done to Telkom, get into the training arena as those that cannot do, should go and provide informal training.

Telkom has done an excellent job of training Vodacom staff, as Vodacom staff is taught to agitate, ignore, argue and tease customers instead of providing actual solutions to real problems.

Anyway Vodacom, good bye, good riddance and cheerio and I hope you become smaller and smaller every year until you close completely. Certainly I will badmouth you at every possible opportunity as I truly dislike you extremely. Even right now you are still religiously taking R50 per month from my bank account for ‘insurance’ even after I have reported my smartphone stolen over six months ago and you have refused to replace it. What are you insuring? And why are you arguing with me? Like my R600 bucks a year for selling me WIND? Nice. At least when a robber holds you up, the robber is honest about his or her intentions. Vodacom just smiles and takes your bucks.