Microsoft marketshare hits all time low

Microsoft only has a 1.9% share of the mobile market. If by 2016 Microsoft does not grow this share it will confirm dinosaur status and become extinct.

But is Microsoft ready to quit? of course not, it just does not know what to do as it is led by strategies that does not produce results and it does not know where it wants to go today, never mind taking you where you want to go. Microsoft does not yet even fully understand that it is a sinking ship as it continues to try and popularise it’s apps and continues to fail. In some spheres Microsoft even thinks that it is actually doing well 🙂

Anyway, where are the answers, what should Microsoft be doing today?
Maybe the answer is back in it’s roots. But will Microsoft dig way down into it’s roots to discover the truth of how to again be a player and relevant in the future?

Probably not. But in case they do here are the pointers for Microsoft to yet again return and survive the future:

Why did Microsoft dominate the PC IBM OS market back in the day and why did Microsoft windows completely take over the world?

Simple: Software piracy was an unknown thing. People are people and for the same reason communism fails, people are selfish, greedy, ignorant, inherently lazy, self righteous, self indulgent, egotistical and all other soft squishy non nice things that all people deep inside themselves truly are to a lesser and more degree of course 🙂

But what is the next new unknown thing? and how to ride that wave before the wave even reveals itself as a wave? – more tips 🙂

Microsoft should examine how the once non evil Google became what they are today just in a few short years. And why Google will fail in the future if they do not stop trying to take over everything from hardware to well, everything… and then examine the repeating trends and mix in some addictive fads

But any of the large multinational listen? Probably not and the cycle will rinse and repeat.