Did you think you have cellphone Insurance?

If you have cellphone insurance with Vodacom you need to URGENTLY check many things.

When you call 0821952 to lodge an insurance claim for a lost handset and the line is answered as Vodacom Insurance, there is no such company as you are in fact not dealing with Vodacom any longer but with a company called Cellsure.

When actually claiming insurance is when you find out that you may in fact have been paying for insurance for the past 10 years, but you in fact are not insured.

It is obvious that today nobody keeps the same cellphone for 10 years, not sure what the MBTF is on the average smartphone, but it should be a few years and not a few decades.

Cellphone insurance ripoff

If you did not notify Cellsure (Pty) Ltd each time you updated your contract or received a new phone they will only pay you out the original insured value and you probably will not even be able to afford a basic phone with that.

Then, they are not actually insuring the handset but they are insuring the sim card. So if you have multiple contracts you have to make very sure that the right sim card is in the right phone, otherwise they will just not pay you anything.

In my case I had an Nokia E7 and my insurance was on a Nokia from 7 years ago, I cannot even buy a E7 battery with the claim amount that Cellsure wants me to buy a handset for.
They force me to purchase another phone from any Vodashop but what phone must I buy?

Vodacom takes my money each and every month and gives me nothing in return.

What a ripoff. So check your cellphone handset policy today and if it is with Vodacom I strongly advice you to switch to a real insurance company like Outsurance