Epic fail

The new Batman movie is crap. No spoilers here, I did not bother watching the last hour of the multi hour movie. The first hour killed my ability to absorb shit and if it wasn’t for the loudness I may have actually slept through it.

You will enjoy this movie if you are a moron. Sadly, my comment will not stop anyone from watching it,but hopefully it will cause you to evaluate the fact that you are spending over two hours watching absolute bullshit. I mean come on, there is no story (No, I really mean NO storyline, no plot and not much of Batman, as you will surely see for yourself.)

The Dark Knight Rises is a loud worthless experience and I did not manage to survive the whole movie. So, if you do see the end yourself, well done, you probably have an IQ in double digits somewhere and you have extreme superpowers of concentration. Or you can sleep through loud and ineffective noise. Either way, well done!