ICANN and they do

ICANN operates from a mandate by the United States of America only. ICANN allows certain representatives of other countries to participate. These country representatives are not elected by their country or selected by that countries government and basically is supposed to represent ‘the Internet’ for that country.

The rest of the world, some billions of people, are forced to accept whatever ICANN decides and we have to resolve our domain names the way they say we have to.

This is the reality of the mess we find ourselves in.

All world intellectual property will be sold from underneath our collective asses as we cannot afford the millions of dollars ICANN is charging to sell what in effect belongs to us all in the first place.

Typical American system – Making money from nothing, owning it and then forcing us all to pay.

ICANN released the long (2000) list of proposals for new gTLD (eg .GOOGLE, .CHURCH .ISLAM etc.) and they will now start deciding who can own what.


Want to see the list: ICANN 2000 gtld proposal list

Other interesting stats:
As you have heard, ‘the world’ is running out of IPV4 (IP) addresses. Guess which country has assigned itself enough IPv4 addresses so that each citizen can have more than 5?
Here is the rundown of how fairly IPv4 is distributed by the Americans:

United States – 1,544,059,509
China – 330,727,691
Japan – 204,861,213
United Kingdom – 124,042,791
Germany – 119,144,857
Korea, Republic of – 112,147,226
Canada – 83,509,876
France – 78,950,316

South Africa – Population – over 40 million – 21,711,722

China – Population (2000) – 1.2 billion – 330,727,691

Very fair, these Americans are…