Firefox 57 Security Issues

UPDATE: NoScript 10.1.1 for Firefox 57 is available, here   (5.1.7 for ESR is still available from the same download link)

The latest release of the Firefox web browser is available and it has multiple security related issues. The new API does not support many popular (and functional) security extensions. Firefox 57 also has other issues but the most important and immediate problem is that NoScript does not work in Firefox 57.

Since NoScript is basically the only thing standing between many Firefox users and oblivion, it is a very bad idea to upgrade your Firefox to version 57.

There are also many other extensions that are broken in Firefox 57. For example the very popular Tab Mix. The changes that Mozilla effected in the Firefox API is causing mayhem for extension producers. Many extensions simply will not work in Firefox 57 and many developers are not going to publish for the newly enforced Firefox 57 API.

The easiest course of action for non hardcore Firefox users is to consider switching to a different web browser as the direction Mozilla has taken is simply done without consideration for their users. Many developers left when XUL and XPCOM was dropped. Many more developers are now deserting, mostly quietly, as Oxidation (Netscape/Rust) sets in. NoScript 10 will probably support Firefox 57, but as of right now,  the workaround is to either install other, less functional extensions (for example JavaScript on-off) or consider using other, lower quality (and potentially less secure) extensions.

Firefox-esr (extended support release) date is until March 2018 (about six months from now)