USA decides that ICANN may run the world

The United States of America has decided that ICANN may run the worldwide assignment of internet protocol addresses and top-level domains for the planet, for the next three years.

Thank you so much, United States of America (.gov) the world Internet government, on behalf of the entire Africa I thank you for deciding who may manage the Internet for us.

As usual, the US decides who may assign names and numbers to the planet, they are of course all pro Internet freedom, even if they have to force their version of freedom down our throats.

I am by far not anti American. I believe that Americans have the greatest system on earth but I do believe that Americans are just normal humans and not super humans. They are greedy, selfish and do consist of all the good and bad qualities that makes us all human.

Insofar as the Internet is concerned however, the Americans are EVIL.

In assigning the new gTLD domains, for example, the vast majority of people and companies that could even afford the more than R2 000 000,00 that it would take, are US-based for-profit companies.

All the vast, huge and all powerful multinational Internet companies are US based and it will not change, if the US can help it.

Any efforts whatsoever, from anyone to upset the US control of the Internet is met with aggressive resistance and is even ‘anti Internet freedom’ – the US congress is even involved at the very possibility of the United Nations taking control of the Internet.

We cannot trust the United Nations, we have to trust the USA. really? Maybe the US version of freedom is just no longer real freedom. Maybe the US version of freedom is completely corrupted by extreme capitalism.