Intel inside takes on a new meaning

An Intel commissioned white paper prepared by the Booz Allen Hamilton consultancy states that the next logical step is an integration of mobile technology into the human body. According to CNN, Intel wants to plug a smartphone into your brain.

Well we are still quite a way off before that becomes a viable possibility (I hope) as the human race first needs to figure out what the borders of socially acceptable technology will be, as in the case with dolly the sheep, we are not yet quite ready to start cloning humans or building smart phones into our bodies.

There are quite a few technical challenges still left before we all receive smartphone implants though. (The idea of implanting devices into the human body is not so foreign as one might think, already devices such as pacemakers, permanent hearing aids, etc. are implanted daily)

Some technical challenges still to be overcome include:
* Smartphones, even mini smartphones will consume quite a bit of energy, that in itself has various complications.
* Interoperability, upgrades and updates (Choosing Android over iPhone becomes a lot more personal if it lives in your chest)
* After Google develops working AI, where the limits between man and machine will be, or will my toaster be able to vote and bill me for making toast?
* Will the keeping of non intelligent microwaves be considered slavery in the future?
* Will there be wars fought over the freedom and non discrimination of your kettle?

Many things Intel makes me think about, one thing I think will be hard for me to accept will be the Intel inside’ tattoo on my forehead…

By Andre Coetzee