We think therefore we are.


I think about a lot of rubbish frequently and on different levels, my brain sometimes lives in it’s own world. I have been blessed with the ability to dream up the most amazing (and even sometimes bizarre) scenarios and resolutions to real life situations.
I guess we call it imagination, for lack of a more defined definition because we do need additional words to define imagination more clearly (Possibly this exists already and my level of education is this regard is sorely lacking) what I am saying is that the word imagination needs multiple levels much like Diaspora providing us the ability to lie to different groups people and Uncle G with Google Plus with the circles concept, my brain also imagines in different levels. For really upsetting situations (like almost post traumatic type things) I can imagine a mermaid armed with an AK47 assault rifle and for everyday type things like the puppy refusing to be house broken and still whizzing on the carpet, I can dream of an automated robot type accessory that is programmed from my iphone. (I mean there is an app for that, right?)

Anyway, this brings us to the gist of this article, the bottom line, so to speak: If all of us are recording our thoughts daily and in varying levels of media size (my wife takes at least ten 8 mega pixel photographs per day) how long will it take for the world to start looking like the square borg cube in Star Trek?

Where are we going to keep all the data? And what is the core definition of consciousness? Maybe we are busy building the original borg that the creators of star trek imagined (not the refined version with multiple borgee’s and definately not the borg where Picard managed to escape from)

We are the borg. Resistance is futile.