Google proves it’s intentions

Google yesterday stated that: ‘ We believe that openness is crucial for the future of the Internet’ and continued to announce expansion to the transparency report, free data availability as well as additional current and ongoing data released by the respected search giant.

The Google corporate policy of do no evil has not only been stated many times but Google has an established track record of it’s intentions and this event simply adds to the body of actions that represents the value that Google offers to the planet as a whole.

Unlike most multinational companies, Google releases proprietary data into the public domain for all people to access, use and share.

With the expansion of the Google Transparency report, we all can now also access data about copyright requests and everything related to movie downloads, series downloads, file hosting, music rights infringements and all sorts of useful statistics even including the companies that request removals. Access to free data is crucial not only for research but to stimulate new business ideas, ventures and expand present systems, software development as well as ‘food fro the soul’ in terms of being able to attach your own interpretation to prepared big data.

More about Google Transparency and to access the Transparency report here

Free Access to Google big data is crucial to the development, expansion and growth of Information technology in any independent country and more so to the entire African continent as it serves to regress digital colonization by foreign multinationals.