Todays top IT News

Yahoo CEO resigns with immediate effect
Scott Thompson has left Yahoo with immediate effect and Ross Levinsohn has been appointed in his stead. Four other directors have also resigned and are being replaced by among others, Dan Loeb the CEO of a hedge fund called Third Point. This after Scott Thompson circulated a memo to all Yahoo staff, apologising for the fake degree listed on his CV and promising his full co-operation with the board of directors.

Not only South Africans suffer with incompetent monopolies
Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, reportedly says that he does not have broadband ADSL at his home mainly because the worst company, Horizon is the sole provider of local wire. Many South Africans also do daily battle with the South African equivalent, TelkomSA who in my opinion is also incompetent and probably either the worst company in South Africa, or definitely in the top ten.

Big Data
Big Data is the trendiest buzz word in ICT. Over the last 24 months, 90 percent of the worlds data came into existence. If one just pauses for a second to imagine how much data that is and to absorb the information that the rate of increased data acquisition is doubling in increasingly shorter periods, it is easy to understand what the fuss is about. Companies are more regularly being confronted by larger amounts of mined data that could become valuable in terms of added business intelligence. As companies embrace the cloud, internet marketing and social media the minute details of interaction between brands and consumers are becoming valuable in terms of real time data mining. Currently the human race is generating about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, per day, according to IBM.

Facebook co-founder, Eduardo Saverin, denounces US citizenship
Officially published on the Federal Register, a US Government website, Eduardo Saverin has given up his status as a USA citizen. This ahead of the expected around us$100 Billion facebook IPO. Saverin is already a billionaire and a resident of Singapore. Singapore does not have a capital gains tax.