Google augmented-reality glasses

It’s called Google Project Glass and according to Google the augmented-reality glasses are being developed by Google X

The smart glasses are an adaption of heads up display (HUDS) seen in movies like Top Gun and others. HUGS (Heads Up Glass Screen – copyright me) would be a cool moniker for this device as it explains exactly what it does as well (Hugs your face)

Google is telling us all about this project right now because they would like people to discuss the concept.

There are numerous posts all over the Internet as people are doing exactly that, primarily discussing whether they would wear any model or brand of HUGS. One comment on the Mashable website states that the commentator would wear anything Google likes if it would improve his rankings in the SERPS, early morning (in the case of the poster, late night) humour… or not?

According to an article in the New York Times, one of the project glass members Babak Parviz, who specializes in bio-nano-technology, developed heads up display contact lenses and project glass could become project contact lens display, maybe COLD?

Anyway, would people wear HUGS? Yes, if everybody else is doing it and it is not too geeky, is stylish, fashionable, practical and affordable.

Would it catch on as a major trend right now? Probably not, but some day in the not so distant future, yes, most definately imnsho we will be wearing HUGS eye gear combined with very advanced voice recognition. Of course typing is something nobody will be doing in the future.

About Google X:
Google experimental labs, located in ‘the Googleplex’ Mountain View, California, USA and an actual research and development lab somewhere else in California, USA – Most interesting Google X project: To be able to talk to your mobile device, probably using the same AI as for their search engine.

Probable result of Google X:
Google will be the first thinking, learning and real Internet person.

Government research and development: Will Google need a passport or will there already be a one world government in place? And is it moral to own a person? Google should then own itself, otherwise we are just again back to slavery. Even at the cutting, bleeding edge of technology, history always repeats itself, there’s another article right there…