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Microsoft asks court to ban Kyocera's Android phones

Microsoft asks court to ban Kyocera’s Android phones

Microsoft has recently gone to an U.S. court to ban Kycoera’s DuraForce, Hydro and Brigadier lines of cellular phones in the U.S. because they allegedly infringed sevel Microsoft Patents.
The major behemoth has in its complain in the U.S. District court for the Western District of Washington charge that some of the Kyocera phone features that come from its use of the Android OS infringe its patents.

Microsoft has previously stated that Android infringed some of its patents, and they also also offered a licensing program to vendors of handsets that run the OS. A huge number of vendors, including Samsung Electronics, HTC and LG Electronic have signed such licensing deals.

Also in its complain, Microsoft claimed that some of the features of the Kyocera smartphone infringe patents the company holds in the areas of power management for extended battery life. The “sensing” devices that respond to changes in the surrounding environment, text messaging and doing multiple calculations at the same time.

The Kyocera smartphones are offered through operators i n the U.S. such as Verizon, AT7T as well as retail chains such as Walmart and Best Buy.

Microsoft said in its complain that it brought the case to “vindicate its right and protect its substantial investments…” Microsoft recently settled a dispute with Samsung over payment of royalties but the terms of the deal were not disclosed.