Rising sea levels trending on social media today

Weirdly a news article on Msnbc about global warming is trending on Newsvine, twitter and facebook. The news article sounds quite scary for the 5 million people in the USA living on the coastline and will of course also be of interest to peeps, like me, that live next to the ocean (and next year only 50 meters from the ocean)

In the software industry one has learned that you have to provide customers with lower expectations so that when you deliver the customer expectation is always exceeded. This basically ensures that you stay ahead of feature and other requests and is just generally good for business.

I have to mention at this point that my new home is about 15 meters above sea level and about 50 meters from the sea, so when I read the panic stations news report about ‘the invisible tsunami of rising sea levels‘ I had very high expectations.

It was quite a let down when I discovered that only in 2030 maybe, will sea level have risen by 1,2 meters as I was sure that I would at least in my lifetime, have a proper beachfront property…