Teacups and storms

i am so very glad my daddy is not bill gates or Matt Cutts can you imagine that should I take a dump in private the media will be all over it, telling people how terribly bad it is for me to squat over porcelain and produce such fowl smelling products and for me distributing these products via public sewage network.

Donald Trump’s son went hunting at uncle Bob’s place and of course the world is up in arms over a pic of him holding an elephants tail and a knife in hand. Probably the most natural thing for man is hunting, a man is ultimately defined as a hunter, it is what men do and is perfectly natural that many men would want to return to that most primal state of actually hunting and killing a huge or dangerous animal.

So okay, you may be one of those that chose to take offense at the dude wanting to hunt and kill something, but consider that were you the son of someone famous like Steve Jobs it would be news if you went to the loo as well and that even I would probably choose to take offense at as I do not need to be reminded how much of an animal humans truly are.

Why do people say ‘storm in a teacup’ Teacups are hardly strong enough to even manage a small storm, or is that the point?