Feeding off the sun

The Internet is buzzing about the video image of an unidentified flying object taken by NASA and ESA (European space agency) space vehicle called SOHO.

After the video went viral on Youtube the video feed on NASA website went dark. NASA says that there are technical difficulties with SOHO and they also said that the image in the video is not a space craft but is in fact ‘Cosmic Rays’

Okay, I was quite a sceptic myself until I saw the unedited video. I think that the Internet has caught up with governments insofar that it is not possible to cover up fact easily anymore.

So, conspiracy websites says that some alien race is feeding, like a vampire, from the energy of our sun. Others are saying that it is a good place for alien space ships to hide and still be reasonably invisible.

Will NASA edit the original video now? Will we eventually find out that we are not alone or is there something else afoot? Some other conspiracy websites are speculating that there is a massive Solar event predicted and that governments have sent additional space vehicles to perform some or other mission.

Who knows, maybe it is a faulty NASA camera, maybe there are energy vampires from outer space, maybe the heaven will fall and we will all be wearing blue caps.