Mobile trend reversal and mini tablet pc

Starting with the mobile smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S III and it’s *huge* 4.8 Inch display, bigger is back. A great new mini tablet or large smartphone, depending on your point of view. As predicted here we are slowly, but surely moving back to a larger experience. Humans of all ages prefer watching a movie on a huge screen with loud surround sound and although watching video on a small handheld device or even while wearing glasses, is convenient to do quickly, it is not preferred or as enjoyable or as rich an experience than on a huge screen.

Anyway, the new Samsung Galaxy S III is less than a centimeter thick, Dual Core Processor with 2GB of Ram combined with 8 Megapixel camera and a ten work hour battery life means that this is going to be the next best gadget to achieve ‘absolutely must have’ status. Did I mention the HUGE 4.8 Inch screen?

The new Samsung Galaxy S III is basically the first of the smartphone tablets and the iPhone5 will have to be something seriously game changing to beat this new Samsung product.

In other tablet news, the new Microsoft tablet, called ‘surface’ is another effort by Microsoft (who has been trying to do hardware since the late 90’s) to enter the hardware market. Not too sure how the Microsoft partners, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are going to deal, in this market, with this newest change. The notebook market has not been growing all that much and with margins under pressure, paying ten percent of your costs towards a software company, may be the place to consider some cost cutting.