Scooba and Roomba

My best friend who has an electronic dog, just got himself an electronic cat. He has a good life with the dog, not only does he not have to feed it, but it actually cleans his floors and carpets automagically. Now the new cat is hectic. It actually cleans tile grout lines, washes, mops tiles and wood floors. It also polishes.

The best thing about these electronic pets are that they go and recharge themselves, do their own thing on a fixed schedule and require almost no interaction with humans, except the odd refill and taking out the dust.

Thinking that these things would cost an arm and a left nut, it was shocking to discover that a model suited to my lesser requirements would set me back around R1k, only a thousand? It seems that mass manufacturing and competing products has enabled me to be able to afford my own very first electronic dog.

Now just to watch where I walk… Youtube video about Roomba

Google or Apple will probably be releasing better model floor cleaners in the next year or two and it should go well with the Google fridge and stove… Now where are my Google shoes and Apple coat?