Roundup of IT News for this day

Facebook shares plummeted
Facebook value dropped by around $10 Billion US dollars or about 10.4% to close at US$34.26. Not enough people ‘liked’ the stock 🙂 – Some market analysts consider fair value of Facebook shares at around US$30 per share, this would place the value of the company in the mid 80Billion US dollars. Facebook made an annual profit of just over 1 Billion dollars in the previous year. This profit is not expected to grow dramatically in the short term.

The Webbys Awards
Some of the winning websites: Mashable and Huffable Post – Best Blog business, Photoseed – Art, Tumblr – Community, Khan Academy – Education, Medify – Health for the full list visit the Webbys Awards

Sakhiwe Shongwe and Bonkhe Mahlalela
Two fourteen year old boys from Swaziland are among the ninety finalists of the Google Science Fair 2012. Google announced the finalists on the Google events website. The full list of finalists as well as the boys project details can be viewed here: Google Science fair There is one more finalist from Africa (from Egypt).

Browser malware posing as useful extensions in the news again
As the number of infected users rise notice is being taken of new browser spyware becoming popular. Users are tempted to install harmless and very useful sounding plugins that is in fact adware and spyware that runs across different browsers and operating systems. Bottom line still is: if you did not go looking for it, do not install it.