Apply tech to reduce the costs of dating and flirting

Technology can be used to reduce the costs attributed to false positive dating experiences resulting in lowered levels of emotional trauma, stress and wallet bulemia.

False positive dating experiences are when you think that you should go on a date with someone but find out, only after ample and significant amounts of valuable currency has been expended, that the date is a wash.

Easy steps to better quality and less expensive dating experiences:
You need to spend your time in the right place. Start with completely free, quality dating websites, for example, and identify at least ten potential candidates to date. Check that they are in your geographical area, if not repeat step one)

Start chatting with the targets via a temporary email account and identify only three semi finalists

Increase contact and even do verbal (Skype etc) instant messaging at the same time research the candidates, check all social media (Don’t forget myspace) Facebook and Twitter. Exercise your Google Fu and dig deep into Google for granules of insightful data.

Decide which of the three semi finalists to do a face to face with (or all three?)

Then when planning the actual face to face consider the following:
Women and Men are different. For example guys like cars and girls like thoughtful gifts. So if you are a girl rent a flashy car and if you are a guy invest in a nice flower arrangement (or some Swiss chocolates) for maximum impact.

Consider not to overspend on dates, no matter how much bucks you throw at the situation, if she does not like you, she just does not like you. So spend in moderation and expend on another person only after you (and the other person) wknow that you both want to see each other again and again…

Some age old winning dating tips are:
Hygiene, hygiene and hygiene. Girls and Guys, bad breath is deadly. Same with anything oily or just plain gross (Dirty fingernails, Bad Body Odour and anything smelly like dead feet smell).

Being clean and smelling nice, wearing something sensible, clean and nice whilst exuding supreme confidence trumps anything money can buy.