IT news highlights

Facebook monetizes mobile traffic
The new Facebook service, called App Center, will list apps for web. Android and iOS, Facebook will harness social networking to enable users to identify and find new and existing mobile applications. Facebook will also offer paid apps and if Facebook could obtain enough developer support, using Facebook connect, Facebook would be generating lots of income from its mobile traffic.

Nvidia releases cloud GPU service
After its recent purchase of over 500 patents, Nvidia is in the news again, this time for releasing cloud based gaming and desktop system essentially aimed at the mobile market. Nvidia would offer high quality image experience. a Further development is also cloud gaming, without a console and as fast as with a console. Using a tablet and smart television, one player can be pitted against another in a 3D, high quality environment.

Wonga coming to South Africa
Wonga (slang for money) would offer short term loans to consumers via its website. The service is well known in the UK and statistically Wonga rejects almost two thirds of loan applications. The service seems to have developed technology that collects mea data about consumers from website articles, social networking websites as well as traditional credit research sources.

Google releases new mobile research data
Google has released the latest research data into mobile device usage, penetration and consumer response trends from countries all over the globe. The ‘Think with Google’ project is located here: Mobile device trends, statistics and mobile big data

Embattled Yahoo is still worth us$19 Billion
The Internet is still buzzing with news about the embattled Yahoo company. The company has seen Internet advertising revenue decline by over 40 percent, this in a time when Google and others saw revenue rises up to as much as 75 percent. Yahoo is expected to sell off many of it’s services over the next few months and it is still going forward with claims that Facebook infringed on it’s patents.