Bruce Willis suing Apple over copyright

According to an article in the Sun publication, Bruce Willis is going to sue Apple regarding his iTunes collection. Bruce Willis wanted to leave his huge iTunes collection to his children after his death and found out that the Apple terms and conditions state that the music is only ‘borrowed’ and Apple can freeze any users account if they suspect that the user is sharing with other people and in essence his entire collection is completely worthless to him or his children.

Consumers are not aware that what they consider to be their own content actually does not belong to them, from private conversations on the Internet, online telephone services to discussions on your social networking account, users need to be aware of their non ownership of content as well as downloads.

When you ‘purchase’ online content for download, you are in fact not purchasing anything, except the right to listen or watch for yourself, of whatever you downloaded and then even that right can be easily removed, without due process, if you are locked into a vendor like Apple.

The Sun article here: