Will the real Giant please stand up

Did the IT world just change forever?

Google has been making much juice about the keyword ‘cloud’ and a vice president of engineering at Google wants us to ‘go google’ in the cloud. So has many others, Mashable released a flurry of cloud articles and Google search on the word cloud, now results in 1,2 billion search results. With only one result, the second Wikipedia result, about the original recipe cloud (for those readers over 25, the white fluffy things in the sky during daytime)

Anyway, Jack, the giant and the golden goose:
(No, dude(ess) Google is not the giant in this Friday fairy tail and yes you are going to have to read my diatribe if you want to get my valuable insights for free. It is not as if you are paying me anything to give you fantastic leading edge IT News that is not even carried anywhere in the Western world much.)

The China Cloud Industry Association (CCIA) was launched today by some of the most respected and largest names in Chinese IT. The CCIA is the brainchild of Edward Tian, the founder and former president of AsiaInfo and Netcom, who is now chairman of China Broadband Capital Partners. Tian will co-chair CCIA along with Jinpeng Huai, president of BUAA. partners include Baidu, China Unicom, Lenovo, Alibaba, Tencent and Yongyou Software, China Broadband Capital Partners, Peking University, Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics (BUAA), TCL, Longfor Properties and many other well respected corporations and firms. Other personalities involved are: Baidu’s Robin Li, Lenovo’s Yuanqing Yang, TCL’s Dongsheng Li and Tencent’s Pony Ma.

Why is this move so significant? China is going cloud, but not in the way the Western world has mostly ‘gone cloud’. The philosophy, Gen Tzu strategy and Chuck Norris roundhouse style of some of the very serious and heavyweight people involved in the new CCIA will affect outcomes in the Western world. In the new social order of things, popularity is the evolutionary factor of outcomes.

When Jack saw the golden egg he knew immediately that he needs to google that gander, using an apple Jack tricked the goose to climb into a cloth bag. Jack left immediately with the bag tucked safely under his arm he proceeded down the beanstalk.