What artificial intelligence is not

Intelligence cannot be artificial, in fact no such thing exists.
Similarly, right now, there is not one scientist on the planet that can create life from chemicals in a laboratory yet even though that is the overwhelming scientific opinion as to the origin of life itself.

But is it important? Is a machine that can think, reason, improve itself and reproduce itself not alive?

What is artificial about intelligence? That it operates between set and rigid parameters? That it could possibly follow the rule of no harm to humans? I do predict that in the future what we call artificial intelligence today will be to us as a my aunt May is to her cat.

Talk of the singularity, a point at which the speed of advance in technology catches up to itself, being the start of the living machine is not based in fact. The event of technological improvement happening faster than time, will never happen. Similarly, mobile application and technology development is at an impasse, as there is not much right now that can be added or improved to mobile tech.

Facts are what they are, yes, there is huge scope still for technological growth, improvement, new and exciting gadgets and products but not so much as a while ago.

As a kid I dreamed of watching television on a wristwatch, I dreamed about owning a computer that I could play an interactive real world immersible game on and where I can interact on a virtual level with different people without exposing my own identity.

What happened? Well, with Big G, we are moving closer to a connected world, where we will be using our real identities, a world where we will not easily be able to be anonymous in, a world where a few big brothers are doing the watching thing and yet, as the Chinese say, nothing new under the sun. The Orwellian 1984 farmscape is not exactly as one would have imagined, but it is still imaginable.