Trending today, the Information Revolution has arrived

The sudden realization that just overhearing Dorothy being told that we are no longer in Kansas and actually understanding that the bus has left and it seriously is not Kansas anymore together with that sinking, empty and hollow feeling in the bottom of your stomach as it all sinks in.

The Information Revolution is upon us and the Chinese recon that us non Asian types are lucky enough to be living in interesting times.

Internet Growth:

There are now over 95 million .com domains (In 12 months more than 6 million new .com domains added, from 88.8 million .com domains last year, according to Readwriteweb ) (Our own space recently passed 700 000 names)

Facebook grew by adding 250 million new users in 12 months and Facebook is now the size of the entire Internet was in 2004.

Lady Gaga is the most popular person on the planet and has over 18 million followers on Twitter she added 11 million followers only in the last 12 months, now that is just plain scary.

But the best for last.

In the last twelve months the amount of Internet websites doubled to around 7.74 billion pages, what does all this mean?

It means that the Information revolution has arrived in 2011 and in 2012 it is going to explode even further.

2012 tech to watch out for include Bitcoin

Later peeps 🙂