ICANN appoints new head

Fadi Chehade, an IT businessman from the USA, has been appointed as the new head of ICANN. Although the interests of all people are not represented at ICANN, ICANN is still pressing ahead with it’s controversial new economic discriminatory gTLD allocation scheme.

The economic or extreme Capatalist exclusion of the great unwashed majority of the world population (by charging R1,5 million rands as an application fee for a new top level domain) whilst selling off what actually belongs to everyone on the planet, is patently unfair.

How can you exclude the very people that inherently also own what you are vending?

ICANN is selling (for R1,5 million a pop) exactly that which you, the reader of this article, also owns a piece of.

Of course in SA the R1,5 million rands application fee is far too high and completely unaffordable. ICANN did not base their pricing on regional income levels, as would have been much fairer, but instead is choosing to charge ahead.

Recently ICANN officials have stated that most ‘the problems’ with the proposed gTLD scheme, has been solved and that all hurdles have been cleared.

Probably because the great unwashed has not yet figured out that they are being screwed, yet again. Similar to anything, extreme Capitalism is pure evil, it sees the exploitation of consumers in many ways. (examples: movie and media bosses earning recurring revenues in the millions of percent profit, the rise and entrenchment of huge multinational companies etc)