Is SOPA dead?

It is wrong to be allowed to sell the same thing over and over and over ad infinitum and to hide behind ancient laws of copyright which provided for the costs of reproduction, printing, distribution and marketing, which used to be excessively expensive before the Information Revolution happened.

In fact it is EVIL to be allowed to produce a product and then to sell the same product over and over and over, and furthermore it is EVIL to charge someone to see and hear something, where should the modern information society draw the line?

Even the old copyright act of most civilised countries allowed for the rights to expire after certain amounts of time has passed.

Now that technology has removed the duplication costs, distribution costs and other costs the period of copyright protection should also be reduced, possibly to as little as 30 days or less.

To protect the artists and the production costs of certain media possibly society could introduce better laws to protect our people, economies and countries These laws MUST see that they are relevant to the online world, technology and the people of today (not those of yesterday) and at the very least content should decline in price as the popularity thereof increases.

There are other arguments as well of course

Extreme Capitalism is evil, when people are allowed to vend bread at a 100000% profit margin just because they are the resource owners, so many Governments all over the world have legislation to protect consumers against exploitation. This is only fair, nice and decent.

Online Piracy. Something evil, wrong, illegal and anti social. Or is the enforcing of anti piracy EVIL?

The future will tell what we already suspect. That the ancient copyright laws not only clash with technology but that they also clash with Consumer Protection and other laws of the modern time.

Society will have to decide whether to continue enforcing outdated, unfair and immoral copyright legislation and embrace laws similar to SOPA, PIPA and the myriad that are still coming or whether to adapt copyright to the electronic age.

Is SOPA dead? Who knows what people in the USA will decide, but my best guess is that SOPA is not dead and the same issues will arise again. Until society accepts a fair and morally correct solution the problem will never go away.