The next great it tech

What is cool, happening, fresh and great in IT? There are a couple of things that are boring, like Apple’s ‘new’ products. *Yawn* Nothing fresh, new, exciting that makes me think, I absolutely got to have this or that. Yes, the screen res is fantastic, no it is not really important at that size. Windows 8? Nothing new, same old same old. Okay, exciting Android? No, not really, same old same old.

Remember the first time you saw an iPhone? that was new, innovative, fresh and exciting. the new Microsoft tablet is nice. Yes, it is thin. Okay, it has a stylus, useful? Sure. Exciting? Uhm, no.

In the software space, Google cloud services? Seriously, no. been there, seen that, the t-shirt already worn out, used for gardening and not even useable as a floor rag anymore. New web apps? Yes, pininterest is cool, sure there are nice and semi useful new apps, but again, nothing that rocks my socks off. Oh, well, no it news is good news and time to go fishing…