Software Over Development

Have you noticed how hard WordPress is becoming to use? How irritating the automated browser version check and countless other new functionality has become?

My other piece of favorite software, firefox, is becoming just as hard to use.

Technology is constantly changing, it is constantly trying to renew itself, become better, faster, simpler and of course the holy grail of software is that consumer intuitive interface where the software just automagically does what the user intended (like auto changing the letters jsut into just) there are millions of small examples of such functionality in all modern software.

The problem is that recently it has started going the other way for me.You are reading this on a WordPress CMS, but I will have to rid myself of WordPress as it has become untenable to use it. It is completely overdeveloped and where it once was a sturdy tool to do exactly what it was inteded for, to publish articles on a website, with grace, ease and intuition, it has now become contra intuitive and irritating and it can only become worse as it is quite obvious in which direction the development is headed.

Sad Monday, then again this is the whole theme of the Information Revolution, constant and disruptive change. Now if data was just in some sort of worldwide accepted standard

Edit: 21 June – Add WordBed Graphic. If you cannot fight or join them – make your own…