to separate or not to separate, that is the question

Many of you have probably seen the new Anonymous movie about William Shakespeare? If not, dont worry no spoiler alerts here, this is one that you should go and watch for yourself.

Anyway, in South Africa should you get a separate Internet connection for your new 55 inch flat screen full 3D television set or just join it to the home network?

If you have tivo and you are streaming your own content from overseas you could probably use your existing adsl connection as your selected content can stream in while you are working (or even while you are watching other content). The new TV sets that I saw at CES in Vegas, has wireless as well as cable connections and has settings for DHCP or fixed IP as well and they could easily form part of your home network or have their own connection. Anyway, if you are not streaming your own content but want to stream live from any of the cable providers (or netflix or any one of the other hundreds of new startup companies) you should probably invest in an account just for your TV, as the TV would be using the bandwidth at the same time as someone else in the family wants to watch something on youtube and with most of us still limited to a single 4MB pipe in SA, this could be problematic)