General IT News from all over for today

Linus Torvalds speaks out against Nvidia
The father of Linux has said that Nvidia is the ‘single worst company’ and that support at Nvidia was the exception rather than the rule. At the same speech at Aalto University in Finland, Torvalds also said that there were other companies that were also hard to talk to.

Facebook settles lawsuit by paying us$10 Million
Facbook is paying us$10 million in the hope of avoiding a potential billion dollar lawsuit regarding the misuse of user likes in paid advertising.

ATM Skimmer gets jail time
Gabriella Graham received a 45 month prison sentence for reproducing bank cards from an ATM skimming syndicate.

USA Firms increase hacker attacks
Companies in the US has been increasingly on the offensive as response to hacking attacks on their networks. – More about this story in this week…