The back teat

The back teat sucking thing comes from breeds of animals that have multiple offspring, like for example, dogs. The back teat has the least milk and one would usually find the runt of the litter, right there, on the back teat.

How IT News is related to sucking on the back teat however is a story birthed during the witching hour when it became clear that South Africa (and basically the rest of the world) are sometimes in the runt position.

The most popular App in the world is exactly useless, only caters to US visitors and although that is of no concern for someone with the skillz of configuring a LAN nat through a five dollar VPS available in every city on the globe, it is a challenge for older family members and, well the general non geek consumer living next door.

Of course ideas of setting up multiple private range wireless access points and selling these at a few rands per month did fleetingly occur, but not being an uber capitalist, interest waned quickly.

Is it a bad(TM) thing that South Africans are sometimes on the back teat? Not really, as we have the resources to do what that UBER German businessman, the walking Xerox of ICT, does, duplicate what the Americans are doing, improve on it and make it availble either free or at a fraction of the going rate…