Tech news roundup

Google vs Oracle
a Jury in San Francisco found that Google did infringe on Oracle copyrights. The jury was deadlocked 6 people to 6 people, about whether the infringement constituted fair use.
Basically this means that yes, Google did use Oracle tech to build some of Android, but that it may be fair use to have done so.
U.S. District Judge William Alsup advised lawyers that there is no finding for copyright liability without a fair use verdict. Google has filed a motion for a mistrial and Oracle has filed a motion for the Judge in the case to issue a verdict directly. The judge will make his ruling on both matters later in this week.

19 Year old Sahil Lavingia receives us$7 million investment in Gumroad
Gumroad is the social networking version of Paypal. People on twitter and facebook can buy, sell and receive payment immediately through Gumroad.

South African tech startup expression of interest do not even make up a fraction of a percentage on board for Paypal founder, Peter Thiel’s pirate Blueseed ship, which is to launch in 2013 and operate about 12 nautical miles off San Fransisco Silicon Valley.

Space Weather
The sun is waking up, and there are several new warnings issued This is THE space weather website to check for sun activity, solar storms etc. So bookmark it…

Mastercard launches PayPass
PayPass reads a lot like PayPall, but it is in fact the new service launched by Mastercard. PayPass Wallet Services has three components: PayPass Acceptance Network, PayPass Wallet and PayPass API and the three together are designed to make it easy to shop anywhere that supports the technology. The Acceptance network allows for transparent and contactless payment receipts (Online, instore with your smartphone and recurring, without you having to supply your details to the vendor multiple times.) The Wallet allows vendors to issue and store their own payment systems, ie own branded debit cards, instore payment vouchers, etc.) and the API allows vendors to integrate their wallets into directly into the payment system.